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Animation "Pirates"

Ciname 4D (2005)


some of my "Music" is on soundcloud, mostly my friends are liking my tracks, because they have to


on hold, hosted various experiments like an Latex REST-API (powered by pandoc, latexpdf)


i am yet another techie who worked on intersting projects, among other things on a asterisk based PBX, applied various patches for the european Telephony Network, XML-Provisioning of phones, a JavaME Callback-App and introduced a Call Panel (drag and drop call-forwarding etc. over XHR/AGI), before digiums switchboard) and also did a lot with php compiled bytecode (not the jit branch) and more. I worked some lightyears away on a Multi-Skill Planning / Scheduling Software and "web-based" Call-Center Software. I extended a Booking-System with various API Integrations, visualized GPS-Tracking, virtualization, ... i currently enjoy working on digital products ... Computer Love


that's all for now